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Asked about a picture of him and Epstein taken in Central Park inPrince Andrew said "somebody very cleverly took that photograph" but that they had not been able to "find any evidence" that Epstein had set it up. Yes," he said. Epstein was convicted of soliciting and procuring a minor for prostitution in Related Topics.

Russian prostitutes in woking

On claims he was sweating, he said: "I have a peculiar medical condition which is that I don't sweat or I didn't sweat at the time," he said, blaming it on "an overdose of adrenaline in the Falklands War". But if push came to shove and the legal advice was to do so, then I would be duty bound to do so.

Prince Andrew said he did not recall going upstairs in that house, said he was not dressed as he usually would be if he was in London and added "we can't be certain as to whether or not that's my prrostitutes. Challenged on his decision to stay at the home of a convicted sex offender, he said: "I went there with the sole purpose of saying to him that because he had been convicted, it was inappropriate for us to be seen together.

Russian prostitutes in woking

He said he would like to be able to give "closure" on the issue but "I'm just as much in the dark as many people". The then year-old Epstein received an month prison sentence after prosecutors forged a deal with him.

Meeting Epstein after his conviction was "the wrong decision and the wrong judgement" but the allegations from Ms Giuffre were "surprising, shocking and a distraction", he said. After interviewer Emily Maitlis challenged him, describing Epstein as a sex offender, the duke said: "Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm being polite.

The duke denied an by another guest that he had been seen receiving a foot massage from a Russian woman. Prince Andrew acknowledged he had stayed on Epstein's private island, visited his home in Palm Beach, Florida, and travelled on his private plane. He said he had first met Epstein through his girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell in but it was a "stretch" to say they were close friends and they saw each other "a maximum of three times a year". A thick skin On the further accusation that he had sex with her in New York, the duke denied he was present at Epstein's home that day, although he had been travelling in the US.

He wokiny that choosing to talk about the allegations was "almost a mental health issue to some extent for me", adding that "it's been nagging at my mind for a great many years".

But the duke said he ceased contact with Epstein later that year, until He invited Epstein to Princess Beatrice's 18th birthday at Windsor Castle in July but said "certainly I wasn't aware" that a warrant had been issued in May for his arrest for sex wokng. He also denied the claim he had sex with her on Epstein's private island with a group of seven or eight other girls.

As far as I aware, they were lrostitutes.

He said he had only started to be able to sweat again "in the recent past". Following the allegations made against him in a ln, Prince Andrew said the wider Royal Family "couldn't be more supportive" and his immediate family "were at a loss". But he refused to entirely disavow his relationship with Epstein, saying it had "some seriously beneficial outcomes" that were unrelated to the accusations against them both.

Russian prostitutes in woking

Prince Andrew said he never suspected Epstein's criminal behaviour on his visits, describing the house as a busy place with staff like Buckingham Palace. Asked about a photograph of him and Ms Giuffre being taken at Ghislaine Maxwell's house, he said he had "absolutely no memory" of it.

Asked if he would testify under oath, the duke said: "I'm like everybody else and I will have to take all the legal advice that there was before I was to do that sort of thing. He said he wanted to learn more about the "international business world and so that was another reason" for going to visit the US financier in New York, as the prince became special representative for international trade and investment.

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