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Infantry Regiments in both armies, and the Confederate cavalry ones, typically were comprised of 10 Companies: A through K, omitting J.

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These cases are specified within the listings, whose abbreviations are explained in a footnote near the beginning of the Army of the Potomoac's Order of Battle. And several Regiments were under-strength in terms of s of Companies so indicated: small esclrt letters present at Gettysburg thus, fewer than 10 or This hierarchical order goes down to Regiments as the smallest units listed or, for the artillery: batteries.

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Certain cases in which more than one officer is named along with a starr unit did not involve battlefield casualties but situations in which original commander the first one listed was given a different asment. A few of the small units that were part of these armies but not present at the battle itself are included within various parts of the list and indicated as not present: see footnotes.

The names of the small-unit, that is, Regimental or artillery-battery commanders are given in smaller print size. A few words about miscellaneous details, which richmond starr escort be encountered in this size of fine print near the beginning of some section of the intra-Order listing; or which will be found in fine print once one has proceeded into the innards of a given sub-section: The richjond of the Armies as a whole, and immediately attached to the Corps commanders, include a variety of different kinds of individuals or units of men, with titles strr the usual ranks of officers that commanded an infantry or cavalry unit or an artillery battery hence: "Chief" of something or other--part of the army commander's staff; or an "Adjutant" of some kind; or an "Escort" or "Provost Guard" of men attached to a Corps-commander's staff.

It is frequently the case that a string of two or more commanders is indicated along with a given Corps, Division, Brigade, or Regimental deation.

Commanders of the large units--Corps and Divisions--and of the medium-sized ones--Brigades--are entered in this size of print. The figures attached to each kind of unit represent the s of men actually engaged during the three days of the Battle of Gettysburg--although several of these figures are dubious estimates see, for example, Thomas's Brigade in Pender's Division of the Army of Northern Virginia's 3rd Corps.

Also, no attempt was made to adjust the numerical strength of any unit according to losses that occurred during the battle. Sibley Jr.

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Almost all Regiments were way under-manned in terms of s of infantrymen or troopers thus, many fewer than their common mustering-in strength of approximately 1, The absence of an italicized letter next to the person's name means he survived the battle, probably unscathed. On overview of each army's organizational scheme is provided--just below for the Union force Chart D-1and roughly in the middle of this Order for the Confederates Chart D For example: A large-unit commander might have temporally taken over a Corps, moving up from Division command; it was a common occurrence for such an officer to drop back down to his original lower-level command at a later stage of the battle as is indicated by, for example, the officer's name appearing as the first and the third one in the string of Division commanders in this example.

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This means that the officer noted after the first one took over the unit--often because the first one was wounded, killed, or captured also see below. Compositions of the Union and Confederate Armies in the Gettysburg Campaign Army of Northern Virginia All the units of infantry and cavalry as well as all the artillery batteries that made up the opposing armies in the Gettysburg campaign are listed.

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