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I went to the other door and got occaaional his cab. His body was relaxed but his cock started to rise again. When I was ready to slide my cock in further, John reached for my butt to pull me closer to him.

I was especially attracted to his large dark eyes and the dimples when he smiled. I wet the remaining shaft of my cock with the pre-cum juices from his cock. Is anyone interested?

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I dug through my jacket pocket and found some matches to give him. He reached around as I pulled out and felt my cock.

After you have been there several times, the truckers get to know your car and what you are searching for. I worked nearby and got off work about 11 PM. It was large enough for two men but not too much headroom.

Occasional cocksucker looking for tonight

I looked up at his long lean body reflecting in the soft lights of the parking lot outside. It matched his tonught. I lifted his legs and wondered down his balls and started to lick his buttock then slowly towards his warm ass hole.

Occasional cocksucker looking for tonight

His arms were over his head and his armpits were exposed edging the form of his muscular arms. I licked his arms and buried my face in his armpits. I continued to pump my hot sperm into his willing and wanting ass. He had a nice strong face with a hint of a beard.

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I pulled my finger out and replaced it once again with my tongue. Boy, to think what I have been missing. I gently moved next to my cowboy trucker as he turned on his side with his back towards me. He still had on his white gym socks so I slowly took them off one at a time and tossed them aside.

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Many of the drivers were standing by or near their trucks talking. On one arm was a tattoo of a flying eagle.

Occasional cocksucker looking for tonight

The other men stood there with their semi-hardon's listening to our tonignt. The other men stood talking like nothing was happening except for the young dude named Dick.

Occasional cocksucker looking for tonight

The one that was sucking the truckers in the TV room? I noticed a group of men chatting and laughing so thought I would walk by to check them out. I caressed his warm balls and slightly fingered below his balls next to his hairy ass hole.

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I started to lick his cock with my tongue and he ed with delight. He opened the curtains and moved some objects around on the cot then he took off his boots then crawled into the bunk. It was I! Again a silence fell over the men until one of the men turned to the trucker beside him and said. I turned towards his face and we embraced in a ruff, wild and passionate way that only 2 men could do. They were still talking about some the x-rated movie that was showing in the bunkroom TV room.

I crawled toniight the cab as my new trucker friend held out his hand and introduced himself as John.

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Then they all laughed as if they did not believe me. I didn't know if he could cum again so soon but he was beginning to move in and out with my head movements. I was more interested in serving the cocks being offered to me. I could feel my balls filling up with cocasional ready to shoot my hot warm load into his ass.

Occasional cocksucker looking for tonight

I slowly sucked on his cock until it got completely hard again. You would then respond in the same way.

Occasional cocksucker looking for tonight

I had remembered sucking his cock earlier in the TV room but didn't see what he looked like. This is too queer for me. These were mainly "ladies of the lot". I gradually lifted my body off him and let my cock slip out of his cum filled ass hole.

Occasional cocksucker looking for tonight

One al is to turn on the cabin lights or blink their taillights when you pass by. He started to relax and put his arms back behind his vocksucker once more and gave me full access to his body. It is great when we can cum at the same time.

He squirmed with delight.

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