I Ready For Vip Woman Mistress storm



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Her knee drives picked me up from the floor and her kicks compare to none. She would let me sometimes think I was getting the upper hand and then set me straight as to who was boss.

Well, duh, what did I know. She's so damn fast that I couldn't finish anything I started.

She gave me a one - two to my gut that sent me sprawling to the floor. She pays attention mistrdss details, works hard to give you exactly what you want and most importantly, she understands the male psyche better than just about any woman out there. She was so skillful as a wrestler that she had me at her mercy in an instant.

I have had sessions now with seven different women, and I would definitely consider her to be the best. She has a first-rate wrestling skill set that includes speed, agility, flexibility, knowledge of holds and impressive strength. I was down before I could regain my senses. I am in very good condition, as I run 3 miles every day and strm weights also.

Mistress of the Storm

She has a very fun and engaging personality. I especially appreciated that she took pains to make sure that I understood the rules before we started. I had to surrender several times to escape her holds. Aslo, a beautiful lady with as amazing personality. Mlstress could and did whip my butt but it was a lot of fun.

Mistress storm

I figured that as I was 50 lbs heavier than her that I could hold my own and have some fun. I got my money's worth and more.


Big mistake, as the match had started. Her punches are devastating. Her strength is unbelievable, and her personality is just terrific.

Mistress storm

Right from the start, when she pulled off her shirt and was in her bikini,my jaw dropped to the floor and I had to stop and stare.

CityThetford Mines, Cohasset
Hair ColorNot important
Bust size36
SeekingSeek For Sex Dick
Eye ColorGreen