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Looking for non traditional relationship

Some personality types might value sticking with one person less than having the freedom and independence to explore new partners on a regular basis. A Sagittarius can also tend to have a wandering relatoonship and feel that sexual activity outside of their primary relationship isn't a big deal, so this might be someone who's open to polyamory.

Looking for non traditional relationship

But if you're one of these four s, you might be less likely to want to stick onn what's traditional. For you, that might mean preferring open relationships, pursuing polyamorous relationshipsor something else entirely. A Capricorn, who's ruled by Saturn, the planet of tradition, for example, is not likely to want an untraditional relationship, Lisa Barrettaan astrologer and author of Conscious Inktells Bustle. But Pisces is a mutableand therefore capable of changing from moment to moment, Barretta says.

Of course, any person of any zodiac can thrive in a traditional relationship if that's what they truly want. Here are the s that are most likely to have untraditional relationships, according to an astrologer.

You aren't the type to be ed at the hip to one partner at all times, but might be interested in pursuing multiple friends-with-benefits situations. Instead, they probably want to follow a more traditional pattern and timeline without leaving room for multiple partners or sex with people outside the relationship.

Looking for non traditional relationship

Pisces is also a that can be very openminded when it comes to love, generally disliking rules and instead liking to make up their own as they go along, Barretta says. But you might be someone who's instead better suited to certain types of unconventional relationshipsbased on your zodiac. You might be someone who instead prefers having an open relationship with your primary partner.

This could mean that you have trouble staying interested in a long-term relationship or that traditional monogamy doesn't necessarily appeal to you.

Looking for non traditional relationship

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