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If you don't hear nothing, Lookinv saying, I'm not you hear this everything if you're a believer or not everything that happens in your life is so that you may have become more like Christ. You know we hear that you know what that is. To to hear your word father God that your word go forth and change us and be a new creation of Christ. The lock right they don't they don't mean nothing cuz our words are religion.

Did you have a teacher that of how to steal do do lookibg wrong now? Must be because I am told you're Holy God and if you're chained to a new creation in Christ, Amen, if you're born again, the believer fwn Jesus are meant then do these things will start working through Amen.

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Think about it? Peter talks about it.

I'm not working to build a big house and big barns and full of stuff and then I'm working for the Kingdom of talent. Amen That's that's not we're talking about it. He's the respect of somebody. I mean up to dwb for you know that God paid the ransom to save you from your from the empty life you inherited from your ancestors and it was not paid when your gold or silver we lose their value and yet we went through this already in verse four.

And if I say Amen. Amen You may have come you may have been assembled you more tomorrow than you did today. Sometimes they're painful. In a word like it lookong to be or not really praying like used to be all these things are 1 day and kinda gets in the next day and kinda push back and then she comes out.

You was dead in your sins and you used to have that you were dead and then he was dead. He is he's singing like a seeking whom he made lkoking last days and he's roam the lr. Amen and redeemed you he but he knew the foundation of the world. Amen we fail and then you by perfect but the perfect one inside and the perfect. To the back and get this, the Scripture says I've been we're the soldiers for here. I was living a victoria's life, it says. We're we're we're all theses Amen because we're revealed by him.

He's holy and it says in verse fifteen because he's called Holy Amen, which is he, but as which I have called. Amen gives us something inside of us. No, he wasn't. Uh there's nothing that you have done. I mean when he when when the father looks at an individual he either sees Jesus in him. That's what we're calling it so because he's holy for you know all manner of conversation.

God gives us those consciousness right along, but but when you get saved, I mean you have the Holy Spirit, Amen and and it's something that may have. So all these things so we get and so it helps us out of that as obedient. I get that word get pop fastening cells, according to the former lust. I'm on for just a second before I put the resurrection gives us power and authority to walk out of that that dead person that.

And it says this through Christ you have come to trust in God and you have place your faith and hope in God because he raised Christ from the dead and gave her glory the gospel throughout the with the gospel The hope the hope Amen is not just in the day The death listen.

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Thingg to use that in your sins, he was dead. Amen that you're unwilling to accept? We're pulling off great funds each day We're here to tell you and I wanna end the night with this message. So that's that's the education that it's uh being being filled with the spirit is like intoxication, he said. You get the opportunity and for him to live for you to change you to make you know and so you don't live those words and you fab we go when we get saved.

She got my stomach ache a little bit next thing you know you're drifting you've drifted and drifted and drifted and you was just this far away from God and you're a mile away kida God, not because God bless you, but because god Amen. I'm not going back into that was good. What happens that all men conversations? I'm of the most high king Amen, but when the Lord comes in he'll convince you that conviction will lead into repentance into more victory. Got my name of pastor and and not only my name that's got if I the name the name of Jesus Amen.

Of your soul journey here in fear let me break that one that's good. It's a good idea, let's say. Amen so we can understand that and if that when we do that, the old comes back in why the old man we're trying to crucify the old man and that's what Scripture says Amen.

Jesus is God's way to get to me. God bless we might here Wednesday Night 7 o'clock.

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You know I when I got hired determination that's 11 years ago. To what you did now, that's the judge of Christ, Amen, so you don't earn favor because you working toward God. I kinda started the faith.

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