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Yes, it was very logical.

Looking for kinkymaybe a little twisted

Heero started to push into Trowa's hand. Trowa, whose expression was as blank as Heero's own, who gave off kinkymabe evidence of any drive or internal spark than Heero did -- Trowa, whose blank gaze had dropped to Heero's bare legs and ass, and whose mouth was quirked in the faintest of smiles now. He pressed his forehead against his arms, hoping to hide the way his cheeks were heating up.

Looking for kinkymaybe a little twisted

Heero had tanned in his time on Earth, and was no longer pale from Colony living. That made sense. Seeing her serious look, though, I continued. No debts.

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But he'd had sex with Heero, and the question wasn't entirely unexpected. After a few seconds, Heero stirred, letting go of his grip on his cock and Trowa's hand and pressing forward.

Looking for kinkymaybe a little twisted

Trowa pinched lightly once more, checking -- no protest, Heero either was burying the pain too deep for Trowa to notice, or he had decided it wasn't actually painful after all -- then started to slide his hand lower, over Heero's stomach. I also did most of the pleasuring, content to watch you cum yourself into a stupor at my hands.

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I just need to Or being fucked by me, being taken that way, from behind? He took a cautious lick, and startled another chuckle out of Trowa as his nose wrinkled in distaste. Heero hissed softly. At least one of us is getting laid. No way. Heero was still wet with Wufei's semen, yet Trowa didn't seem to care. Trowa was overturning every conclusion Heero had drawn about the L3 pilot litle. His hand slid down the small of Heero's back, fingers pressing casually into his crack, and whatever response Heero could've given fled.

Despite her misgivings, it did feel strangely good once it was fully in place, and she found herself juicing, eagerly awaiting the insertion of the second phallus.

Looking for kinkymaybe a little twisted

Yes, a part of his brain commented dryly, he was getting the reason as to why sex with someone else was more satisfying than masturbation. His erection was up against Heero's hip. It felt different from the anal be used last night, just as filling and stretching, but different as well. He just wasn't quite sure how to answer honestly. Damn Trowa for taking his sweet time.

Looking for kinkymaybe a little twisted

He wanted that blank incomprehension out of Heero's eyes, out of his body language. Even though he, Heero, hadn't been feeling any urge to have sex with Wufei when they had started, his body was now faintly humming, and he was still half-hard.

Before he did, he felt a hand ,inkymaybe his shoulder, giving him a light push. But that meant that he was out of balance, because his comrade was taking his sweet time giving him instructions. Trowa didn't seem to care if he made sounds or not, and since they were not pained sounds, exactly, it wasn't like showing a weakness.

Looking for kinkymaybe a little twisted

It was amusing to embarrass him, usually so unflappable, even if Heero had to seem even more naive than he actually was. Cyndi stiffened, trying to will herself to relax as Joanne slid the dildo gently forward, closing her eyes, and trying desperately not to think about what was actually lookinh.

Trowa adjusted himself in his overly tight jeans. The muscles in his back were bulging slightly from the position, rolling under the skin. It would seem he'd miscalculated.

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I dunno I'm so happy. Suddenly, Trowa shuddered against his back, moaning.

Looking for kinkymaybe a little twisted

He would've preferred to go take a shower and clean up with soap, but he didn't particularly want to walk around leaking semen in the house. Unforgivable lapse. Startled, Heero tensed up. Slowly, Trowa straightened up, sitting on his heels. Not that he was afraid it would hurt or anything like that, but the idea was On the count of three. Heero could set his own leg ; a pinch shouldn't register at all. Trowa felt a certain satisfaction when he saw that Heero's legs were slightly wobbly.

Don't waste your time," he persisted.

Can you hand me that cushion over there, on your left? Now then Darksong Chapter 5. He tried to control his breathing, but he couldn't twister manage it. Another miscalculation.

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