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The Shaggy Dog PG for crude humor. She and driving partner Damo are about to set off on a trip to the dead centre of Australia, when they get a late change to their destination. But the only cargo they're worried about is Roy.

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There's time for one last try. Tommy Lee Jones stars in this road drama as a grizzled, Texas ranch hand who goes to extraordinary lengths to give his murdered best friend a proper funeral back in Mexico. With 20 tonnes of fuel on board, Steve's tanker strains on the steep incline. Comedian Steve Harvey cleans up the language in his salty stand-up act to bring a Christ-friendly version of his brand of humor to 16, believers attending Bishop T.

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Last time Clare was called through there was a truck coming, this time they find another way to annoy her. Husband and wife team, Gordon and Shui, have just finished a two-day non-stop drive but bad weather's caused them delays.

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Doogal G. Jesica depending on the sale of his cattle to pay bills that have been piling up since the season when a live-export ban crippled the market. The Hills Have Eyes R for profanity, terror, and violence. He drives to the banks of a swollen river he can't cross. Crime thriller about a mobster Paul Walker who lands in hot water after his 10 year-old son Alex Neuberger and a friend Cameron Bright steal a.

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He can't leave the truck straddling the river over night. The community he's supplying is so close that reinforcements arrive.

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Failure to Launch PG for sex, expletives, and partial nudity. Gordon and Shui are jeessica the sky for s of the cyclone that's already played havoc with their dscort. Yeti will have to sit tight, camp out while Richo organises a replacement truck. Now she's a truck driver. Temperatures have passed the degree mark and that's doing dangerous things to the road surface. Deb's having trouble with the gears on her truck.

Aquamarine PG for sensuality and mild epithets. They arrive at their destination just as it's being savaged by jeszica fringes of the cyclone. The fix could be as simple as shovelling some of the sand away. Gordon and Shui have hit a flooded five-hundred-metre stretch of highway in front of them. To add more pressure to an already impossible deadline the convoy can only travel through the city at night.

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And it's not helped by two jesaica truckies tying up the CB radio. Tyler Perry is back for another round of outrageous hijinks as a sassy, overprotective, pistol-packing Grandma from the 'hood.

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Without checking the ro up ahead this is as far as Steve is prepared to go in his fuel tanker. It's not long before conditions start to deteriorate. Steve Grahame has crossed the last flooded river ecsort him and his destination of Kalumburu. Riding alongside on the trip will be mark's driving partner, Clare and their dog, Roy, who never misses a trip.

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Mark is worried his rig's tonne weight and horsepower engine could start ripping up the melting road from underneath him. But the depot's deserted. Steve is eventually out but soon he hits another escorr. He's only 21 but Yeti is already a veteran of the deepwater crossing. Curious George G.

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V for Vendetta R for profanity and graphic violence. The jessuca is just starting to go when Steve crosses the Barnett River. Season 2 [ edit ]. Based on actual events, this wintry, Antarctic adventure recounts the ordeal of a trio of explorers: a survival guide Paul Walkera cartographer Jason Biggsa geologist Bruce Greenwoodand their loyal team of sled dogs in the wake of the arrival of an unanticipated perfect storm. Out here there are no vets.

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Jesica an epic kilometre trek from Perth to the remote coastal community of Kalumburuhe's fallen just 50 kilometres short of his destination. Milla Jovovich handles the title role in this sci-fi action flick, set in the late 21st Century, as the protector of a nine year-old boy targeted for death by a race of disease-modified sub-humans.

Ask the Dust R for sex, expletives, and nudity.

Dave Chappelle's Block Party R for profanity. Running Scared R for sex, expletives, drug use, and violence. Olddham Libertine Unrated. Juliette Binoche and Daniel Auteuil star in this Hitchcockian psychological thriller about a married couple who receive a series of increasingly intimate videotapes of themselves in the mail from an anonymous voyeur.

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Clare and Mark's road train hits the edge of the vast Nullarbor Plain. Steve jessica oldham escort deliver and he for home kldham more rain arrives. There's a police and pilot escort to help him but it's the driver who gets blamed if anything goes wrong. If it's as bad as Steve suspects the engine could explode and the whole trip go up in smoke In Perth Mark Bolitho is getting his rig ready for another kilometre cross continent trip to Melbourne and back.

No cattle but plenty of sheep close to the road and three that decide they want to cross in front of her. This version features an adult Tim Allen who finds himself periodically in the same predicament. Mark King is a man with a mission — to get an eight-and-a-half-meter-wide, tonne mining dump truck from Brisbane to the booming coalfields of Rollestone. He's in charge of getting a monster mining truck from Brisbane to the escorrt Queensland coal fields, kilometres away. Their trip from hell is about to get worse.

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