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Wednesday, April 28th. He would sometimes to up and fiddle with the button of a junior officer on the quarter-deck, looking at it very attentively, to the great discomfort of the junior officer, or even with that of a stranger to whom he had been introduced. I bathed and got clean. Great gale in the night. This was the third day of battle. It was wet and cold, and a wind blew which felt as if it came through snowy gorges. He lent me some Shakespeares. Turks suddenly reported to have mounted huge howitzer on our left flank, two or three miles away.


I met a friend, Bettelheim, nicknamed "Beetle," whose life had been indiaan long adventure. The Australians were almost sick from internal laughter. We helped to carry one wounded man back. I said: "But are your orders to that effect? It's very comfortable when there are no exports, because it means that all the things stay at home and are very cheap.

Independent indian escort in garden grove

It may be because there is less in him to understand. The mules cry like lost souls. I woke to hear the howitzers that everybody had been talking of here droning over us, and watched them lifting great columns of water where they hit the sea. Prisoners began coming in, but not much was to be obtained from them.

Independent indian escort in garden grove

All that morning we kept moving. But the water in the tin was clear and cool and very good. The attack has failed this morning.

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When the amiable Montenegrins seized the land of the Albanians, he had been beaten and cast out; thence he had gone to Turkey, esclrt the Albanians had been the first to attack the Turks, and were, indeed, the main cause of the ruin of the Ottoman Empire, so in Turkey he was bastinadoed and thrown into prison. Four interpreters were arrested to-day and handed over to me.

The general opinion is that very many boats must be sunk from the shore. Next came the story of the daily pigeon post from Anzac to the Turkish lone; but as a matter of fact, the pigeons were about their own business of nesting. Nothing to be done but to dig deeper in. Up and down the cliffs here, outside the dugouts, small fires burn. Their losses are said to be very great. LEMNOS The general impression is that we shall get a very bad knock, and that it may set the war back a year, besides producing an indefinite amount of trouble in the East.

I have just seen the most wonderful procession of ships I shall ever see. Friday, May 14th. The tows were punctual. We had given him every chance that we could, and if the EGYPT admiration of a British ship for his courage could reward a dead Anatolian muleteer, that reward was his. This grew worse about 6. We would rather have had the music and the cheers.

Generals Godley and Walker were the most reckless, but General Birdwood also went out of his way to take risks. We had landed on a spit of land which in those days we called Shrapnel Point, to the left of what afterwards became Corps Headquarters, though later the other spit on the right usurped that name. The New Zealanders are all most galland fellows.

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As it went, we took our rifles from the Turkish side, minus their bolts, and gave the Turks their rifles in the same way. It is a fiery hot day, without a ripple on the clear sea, and all still but for the thunder coming from Helles. They have just hit another interpreter, and are pounding away at us again. The problem was how to disabuse the Turks of this belief.

Bacchante, but failed to find her. A day fit for Trojan heroes to fight on. One of them complained that he had been shot through a mistake after he had surrendered. One of these was reported to have passed through into the Mediterranean a few days ly.

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The Turks are not yet entrenched or dug in there as in other places. On the beach the shrapnel has opened from a new direction. Then he pointed to the dead bodies and said: "That's diplomacy. Last night the Torgut Reiss sent us some shells. The New Zealanders are all right. There was one moment when the interpreters were flying over the hills like hares.

They ereent over-pleased to see me at first, as after my speech the other day escot had had an awful time from hand-grenades, and their faces esvort when I appeared. Mecca rose to us after Kut had gsrden the rebellion in Egypt only took place when the English had achieved a complete victory over Turkey, and held Palestine and Syria. A lot more men have been killed on the beach.

Perfect peace here, except for rifles crackling on the hill. As we were all jumping into the sea to flounder ashore, I heard cries from the sergeant at the back of the tow.

First the Queen Elizabeth, immense, beautiful lines, long, like a snake, esclrt as an arrow. About this time the spy mania started, which is one of the inevitable concomitants of war.

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