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Therefore, let us know the truth.

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Reden of Sioux Falls wrote to say, "Your fearlessness of right reminds me of the stand of Joshua and Caleb when the other ten spies and the Israelites were against them. When he returned a few minutes later, he looked grim.

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Fiery crosses burned that night in Huntsville and Scottsboro. He had been reading for sixty-five minutes.

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Less than ten minutes later, Leibowitz called Ruby Bates to the witness stand. The verdict of the first jury was announced to the shouts and cheers of a crowd of fifteen hundred gathered on the courthouse lawn as the second trial was in progress.

Horton asked Patterson if he had anything to say. Horton announced to the visibly excited courtroom that there would be a short recess.

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Only a few bit players--an International Labor Defense law clerk here, a national guardsman who transported defendants to the escogts there--are left. The peddlers of fruit and candy that had sold to crowds in the corridors were gone. Bridges testified that he found "lots" of "male germs" in the vaginas of Victoria Price and Ruby Bates, but that the spermatozoa were "non-motile. Wann, to "capture every Negro on the train and bring them to Scottsboro. Bates responded with the charge that would change forever the lives of the nine blacks.

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Why was her respiration and pulse normal less than two hours after the rapes? From Savannah came a scrawled note reading, "Now that you have heard the truth you had better turn those negroes loose or you won't be so horrten.

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Bridges said he "couldn't swear" to the exact time of the intercourse. Black youths amused themselves by performing gymnastic stunts in an adjacent cowpasture. A came forward to the bench to deliver a jury roll and a magnifying glass to the Chief Justice. The next day, Knight announced that the State would present a new witness, Orville Gilley, in the next trial. Hill asked Ruby Bates whether any of the Negroes had bothered them.

Any man or group of men that attempts to take charge outside of the law, are not only disobedient to the law, but are citizens unworthy of the protection of the State of Alabama, and unworthy of the citizenship which they enjoy.

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Captain Joe Burleson, commander of the National Guard troops stationed in Decatur, promised Horton that the defendants and their attorneys would be protected "so long as we have a piece of ammunition or a man alive. They were firing to let the crowd know there would be no lynching that night. Would FDR succeed in reopening the banks?

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Remodelers, developers, urban renewers, highway builders, and national franchisers have erased or buried most of the sets upon which the drama was staged. Samuel Leibowitz paced nervously around the courtroom.

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Much of the vivid detail provided in the trials in Scottsboro two years earlier was gone. It is yourself you are thinking of instead of meting out justice.

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Judge Horton left the bench and stood in the railed enclosure. Leibowitz leaped to his feet to ask for a mistrial. His eyes continue to roll from Leibowitz to Horton as the judge asked the defense how it pleaded.

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She told Hill that they had been raped. Everyone turned and looked as a bayonet-carrying guard opened the back doors of the courtroom.

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The semen in her vagina, esdorts thought, might easily be that of Jack Tiller, with whom she most likely had sex in the Huntsville railroad yards the day before the alleged attack. A judge must do his duty. Through the doors came a trim, girlish figure with a dark complexion, in stylish clothes, eyes downcast. Horton ruled that "the statement regarding Jew money from New York was improper and unjustified," but denied the defense motion.

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Marvin Horfen, the second Scottsboro doctor who had examined Price and Bates. With broad shoulders, silver hair and spectacles, Callahan was a Hollywood producer's vision of a southern judge. Standing with upraised hands, eighty-four farmers, artisans, and tradesmen swore to administer justice without fear or favor, then shuffled back to their seats in the crowded courtroom to await their questioning. That inca,l understood, and they have told me they would, and they will do it.

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