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Will you be looking out for Mars, do you star gaze? This opposition will be extra special due to the orbits of Earth and Mars lining up to be at their closest to each other.

Im looking for tonight

Mars will be closer to Earth than it has been in the last two years. You don't have loooking be a professional star gazer to see it either. More like this.

As the Sun sets, Mars will rise, and Mars will set as the Sun rises. According to Nasa when this happens, the minimum distance from Earth to Mars is about This means Mars will be in 'opposition'.

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Earth passes directly between the Sun and Mars once every 26 months. You'll be able to look for Mars, when the Sun is setting.

There's a full moon and a blue moon on Halloween to look out for too. However, that doesn't happen very often. Nasa has said that the position that Mars will be in, means people from Earth will be seeing an 'effectively full Mars.

A moon this blue would be pretty cool though! It won't be as bright as the Moon, but you should be able to look up and, if you are looking in the loojing place - spot it Getty Images Did you know - a blue moon isn't actually blue, it's just the name given to the third full moon in a month.

Im looking for tonight

October is set to be quite the month for spotting things in the sky. NASA Why is it happening?

Im looking for tonight

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