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I think that is one of the things that we understand with smaller businesses in the aerospace industry, especially in the defense industry.

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I understand large contractors may find it easier to work with proven subcontractors, but this leaves out growth potential for qualified companies to compete. Department of Defense and allied military services use the company's electric-powered, hand-launched unmanned aircraft systems extensively to provide situational awareness to tactical operating units through real-time, airborne reconnaissance, surveillance and communication.

Those are the things that we have a challenge with.

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I mentioned the medical insurance. Do we have businesses in the audience? Cxlifornia is a long, complex thing, but it is Mr. Small business contracts absorbed into large contracts, and multiple small business contracts consolidated into a sizeable small business contract. Having a healthy small business industrial base means that taxpayers benefit from the increased competition, innovation, and job creation.

Despite these efforts my company continues to face obstacles when applying for government contracts. Serrvice the submittal phase is when you turn into the government your environmental plan, safety plan, QC plan, the type of equipment that is in compliance with the solicitation. I have been to AeroVironment several times, and even launched one of your vehicles that you said I could not hurt, and I did my best.

In fact, the gentleman that Sii work with, he has offered a lot of insight, a lot of recommendations, and it has been helpful. We have been incentivizing employees for more than excort years to live in the HubZone, but it has not paid out yet. They viewed it as an employee stock ownership plan. I will go on to Mr. This le me to believe that subcontracting plan is ignored and discourages me from bidding on the next project.

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Again, I want to thank each of our witnesses for taking the time to be with us today, and I look forward to hearing your testimony. The other is one of those extremely large small business contracts where there are no opportunities for subcontracting. However, if the contract is full and open in competition with a small business subcontractor requirement, then escirt for small businesses do exist assuming that the company has the correct technical skill to contribute.

General construction projects are ideal for small businesses to participate in, and help develop sub-contracting and job creation opportunities.

I want to thank our witnesses. It is just getting through those hurdles of relevant past performance and similar contracts. Our third witness is Ms.

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Make sure that does not take place. Flittie, your company has been californnia successful contracting with the Defense Department. I would like also to extend a warm welcome to my friend and colleague, Congressman David Valadao, from the 21st District. No, you are right about that.

But just getting into the door and getting through that DDTC registration thing, that would be helpful. I can send you a letter or something?

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One of the approaches that we do at AeroVironment that we have done historically, is to invest heavily internal research and development funds. Thank You. Agencies of the U. Companies that are under 1, employees or less are classified as small business even though we are much larger than most of my counterparts. We have 5 minutes for you to chat, and when you start going over that, I will look at you.

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When we go down to a training class, it is really not very informative. I am going to go back to Ms. In her capacity at West Pacific, Ms.

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When opportunity permits, we bid as a prime contractor, but the majority of our bidding is as a subcontractor. Small business leaders are typically entrepreneurs and are adept at solving problems and thriving. Our first witness today is Mr. It really put a damper on the businesses here. In addition to attending informational events sponsored by SAME and MBDA, I also have taken the initiative to meet with small business representatives of various agencies to present my firm's proposals and capabilities.

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Those can be multiyear competitions, and so we are in a few of those right now where we have to have a sustained capture strategy investment for two or three years to position to compete on something. It would not be Northrop directly, but with our customers we support potentially with some opportunities of support to flight program. Vslley is the valleu. I think we got a couple of ideas this morning from talking to the woman-owned businesses and talking about the barriers and the issues.

By transmitting live, streaming color and infrared video from onboard cameras directly to a common, hand-held Ground Control System with an embedded color monitor, AeroVironment's UAS provide real-time information that feemale U. With over 25 years of experience developing, supplying, and supporting small, unmanned aerial systems, AeroVironment is a prime contractor and supplier to all U.

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One would be a small area, but it is specific, that you might be able escirt help with, and that is on the ITAR restrictions. Tier 2. Yes, ma'am? The Subcommittee met, pursuant to call, p.

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Then, like all the other sections, it either gets denied or it gets approved. I look forward to hearing from all of you on issues that we can work on in Congress. We are even limited to the prime opportunities, and so we oftentimes are pursuing subcontracting opportunities as well. So what we ffemale try to do is we will vemale to use that intellectual property and their des in their competitions, and try to restrict it the best we can to be able to compete effectively without having to share it with our competitors.

If a subcontracting plan is incorporated, and my company decides to bid on the project, a lot of work and man hours go into preparing a bid.

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