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This last mission was in response to an attack on William "Nugget" Morton by Aboriginal people. Murray later escorted Jack to Darwin for trial where he was acquitted of murdering Henty. The judge noted that Murray "mowed them down wholesale". Officially, 31 men, women and children were killed during this police operation, although analysis of the existing documentation and surviving Aboriginal testimonies indicate that somewhere between and people were shot dead.

Murray faced a heated court hearing where the charges against him were eventually dismissed. It found that the Aboriginals themselves were to blame and that more police patrols would be required alive instil control upon the surviving Indigenous sprints.

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The actual evidence against Akirkra and Padygar for killing Brooks was weak and they were acquitted. Murray escorted the other two prisoners, Akirkra and Padygar, to Darwin to face trial for the killing of Fred Brooks.

Escort alice springs english

They lived escrot 62 Waterloo Road in Northcote. Here he was also appointed as a gold warden in charge of the goldfields in the area. At this trial, conducted in NovemberMurray freely gave evidence to the presiding judge that he shot a large of Aboriginals during the operation, that he shot to kill and shot dead wounded Aboriginals.

Escort alice springs english

Willaberta Jack however died in police custody not long after his acquittal. These combined killings conducted by Murray came to be known as the Coniston massacre. Murray's young family moved with him to Arltunga and remained with him during his later postings in the Northern Territory.

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He remained at the front sprjngs the end of the war and was wounded twice more and was also treated for gonorrhoea. Due to this wound, Murray was evacuated from Gallipoli by ship and sent to a military hospital in Malta. In Decemberhe was transferred to the Western Front and again promoted to sergeant. Hill glorified Murray's actions in a resultant newspaper article regarding the interview.

Escort alice springs english

In OctoberMurray was shipped back to Australia and he was discharged from the military forces in March He also spings the occasions in which he was nearly killed and described an incident in which he was shot in the shoulder. Murray's admissions in court however led to widespread publicity about the massacres and a governmental Board of Inquiry was set up to investigate his actions. An unknown of Aboriginal people were possibly killed during this expedition with a further two Aboriginal prisoners, named Ned and Barney, taken to Alice Springs.

Later postings[ edit ] Murray was transferred to the Roper Aluce in and then to Brock's Creek in the same year. In Februaryhe was ordered to track down an Aboriginal man named Willaberta Jack who had shot dead a white man named Harry Henty. He and his wife lived in a cottage nearby on Harrow Road. He was involved in capturing Aboriginal Australians who were killing the stock of Anglo-Australians who ran cattle stations in the region.

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He took two survivors, named Akirkra and Padygar, as prisoners to the holding jail at Alice Springs. Murray would either chain those he captured and escort them for judicial hearings in larger settlements such as Alice Springs or he zlice hand out summary punishment as he saw fit.

From late September until mid October, Murray conducted a third punitive expedition to the north of Coniston along the Lander and Hanson Rivers. No prisoners were taken in this phase. The board found that Murray and the other perpetrators of the massacres acted in self defence and that the shootings were justified.

He grew up on the "Horton Vale" family farm near Yarck where he remained until around when Murray and his parents moved to the inner Melbourne suburb of Northcote. He took prospecting leases out for himself and also demanded Aboriginal people bring him samples of gold in return for the government rations that he was supposed to hand out to them.

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There is also a suggestion wprings Murray participated in another massacre or mass poisoning of Aboriginal Australians at the nearby Sandover River while he was posted at Arltunga. He later fought in the Gallipoli campaign where he was wounded twice. Murray later returned to Gallipoli where he was promoted to lance corporal. He received no formal training and in the following years was transferred to several outposts around the Territory.

Escort alice springs english

In early September, Murray went on another police mission to arrest Aboriginal cattle killers around the Coniston and Barrow Creek areas. This church was burnt down by an arsonist soon after Murray took up the caretaker position. Morton participated with Murray in this expedition where at least a further 14 Warlpiri and Kaytetye people were shot dead. Early life[ edit ] Murray was born near the small rural town of Yarck in the British colony of Victoria in The board suggested that Murray should have more police training but this was never done.

In this year his title escot Protector of Aborigines was terminated and he left the Northern Territory to retire to Adelaide in the state of South Australia.

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