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I ask the US government to reconsider, because by this decision US courts are losing their reputation. Sentenced to life, he served three days in prison before Richard Nixon ordered his sentence chibo. Local police chief Ida Melbo Oeystese said it may still be possible to find survivors in air pockets inside the destroyed buildings.

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Nicholas Slatten was convicted of first-degree murder and Paul Slough, Evan Liberty and Dustin Heard were convicted of voluntary and attempted manslaughter over the shooting, which happened in heavy traffic in Nisour Square. Pack your stuff. I am very sorry.

What is going on? Only William Calley, a lieutenant, was convicted of any crime. I lost my father and many innocent women and children also died.

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Navajo Nation lays off more casino workers. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has calculated the risk for every county in America for 18 types of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, volcanoes and even tsunamis.

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They were included in a wave of pre-Christmas pardons announced by the White House. After only one week, we determined that this incident was not as presented by Blackwater personnel and ezcape state department lackeys, but it was a massacre along the lines of My Lai in Vietnam. We responded to a threat accordingly.

Trump has no right to pardon killers of innocent people. New House members will be sworn in on Sunday in proceedings affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

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As many as children, women and older men were killed by a US infantry company, members of which also raped numerous women and girls. I am overwhelmed with emotion at this fantastic news. Army Corps to help Los Angeles hospitals.

Presidential pardons do not mean or imply innocence. The landslide cihno the village of Ask is the worst in modern Norwegian history and has shocked citizens in the Nordic nation.

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I believe we will pay a heavy price in our relationships with other countries as a result of these pardons. Fourteen unarmed Iraqi civilians, among them a nine-year-old child, were killed when the mercenaries opened fire with weapons including machine guns and grenade launchers.

God forbid they might have actually picked up the phone and called the investigators who built the case.

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