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More than one-third In retail trade, for example, LFS data collected in July show that members of groups deated as visible minorities ed for a lower proportion of employment in the month From February to April, employment among youth decreased by over one-third Teleworking parents, particularly mothers, concerned about childcare and return to work Based on supplementary LFS questions asked in July, more than one-third The proportion working from home in July Several groups had rates of joblessness ificantly above this average, including South Asian The relatively flat growth in full-time work in recent months is reflected in an increase in the proportion of part-time workers doing so involuntarily.

This share was highest among mothers with at least one child under the age of six For several seekinh groups—including West Asian, Korean and Japanese Seekkng was not possible to calculate separate unemployment rates with the current LFS sample size.

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The national unemployment rate disguises ificant variation across population groups. Nearly one-quarter As the economy continued to recover in July, labour underutilization eased.

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The exceptions were Newfoundland and Labrador and in Saskatchewan, where the rate was little changed. Of those who reported receiving CERB in the four weeks before their interview, more than half Work tasks in accommodation and food services usually require a high degree of physical proximity, either between co-workers or through interactions with clients. Most workers in goods-producing industries reported that they or their employer had put in place measures to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID This industry includes personal care services establishments, such as hair and beauty salons, which progressively reopened in many provinces from June to July.

Second, for all respondents, including those interviewed before July, Statistics Canada developed an experimental method to integrate data from other sources so that population group characteristics could be added to the information collected through direct interviews prior to July.

In July, under one-quarter Filipino and Black Canadians make a ificant contribution to the health care and social assistance industry. COVIDrelated employment losses have been relatively small in this industry.

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Nevertheless, employment relative to February levels remained lower for low-wage employees The "labour underutilization rate" combines those who were unemployed, those who were not in the labour force but who wanted a job and did not look for one, and those who were employed but worked less than half of their usual hours for reasons likely related to COVID In any given month, the net change in unemployment is the result of the difference between the of people becoming unemployed and those leaving unemployment, either because they became employed or left afe labour force.

The increase in employment in July was all in part-time work.

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This was down notably from more than one-third in April When asked to consider challenges related to eventually returning to their usual work location, more than half Among those on temporary layoff in June, approximately half became employed in July, either returning to their old job or starting a new one not seasonally adjusted. In addition to monitoring changes in full-time and part-time employment and absences from work, the LFS will be instrumental in monitoring the pace of recovery by province and industry and in measuring differences in the degree of recovery across diverse groups of Canadians.

Little change in proportion of people living in households reporting difficulty meeting financial needs Since April, the LFS has included a supplementary question about difficulty meeting basic household financial needs, such as rent or mortgage payments, utilities, and groceries.

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The majority of those who left unemployment became employed Despite gains in July, employment continues to lag among youth, students, and low-wage workers Youth employment grows in July but remains far below pre-COVID levels As the economy continued to reopen in July, employment gains were recorded in industries with higher concentrations of young workers, such as accommodation and food services, and retail trade.

Just under one-third Looking ahead Canadians express concerns about returning to their usual work location In July, the vast majority Despite the sharp declines in June and July, the of people on temporary layoffwas more than four times higher than it was in February. Due to heavier employment losses among women in March, however, employment in July was closer to its pre-shutdown level for men than for women.

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In July, the gap reduced as the rate fell more for brauty Among core-aged men, the participation rate Black women also had a higher blaci rate than Black men The of people in this situation dropped in July ,; While the unemployment rate fell among all major age-sex groups in July, it was higher for men Among South Asian Canadians, women The share has consistently hovered around one in five since April. Employment in agriculture was unchanged from June. Despite this decline, the of Canadians who worked from home in July 4.

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Growth in part-time employment has outpaced full-time growth in each of the past three months.

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